• As a COVID-19 response to help small businesses get through and recover from this crisis, BoomersPlus has developed and launched a new program called the Virtual Adviser Program.
  • BoomersPlus has thousands of seasoned professionals in their national talent pool and have recruited Virtual Advisers that are crisis ready, willing and have the experience necessary to help advise businesses through these challenging times.
  • The Virtual Adviser Program is designed to match an experienced Virtual Adviser to a business for 4-6 phone meetings over a 1-3 month timeframe.
  • This tool kit provides tools, training and resources for managers and employees to help combat racism and discrimination in the workplace.

• Employers with vacancies to fill are welcome to post their openings on their site. There is no charge for this service.
• Simply complete an Employer Job Posting Form.
• Your post will be automatically deleted on the date that you specify. If no closing date is specified, your post will remain up for 30 days.
• Your job posting will be viewed provincially at: http://www.novascotiaworks.ca

Reach out to your local Nova Scotia Works location for more information!

  • The purpose of this Guide is to help people understand how Nova Scotia Labour Standards legislation applies to employment relationships and the role of the Nova Scotia Labour Standards Division in enforcing the legislation.
  • Labour Standards legislation establishes the minimum employment rules in Nova Scotia that employers and employees must follow. It includes rules specific to recruiting workers and hiring foreign workers. These rules also include minimum standards for wages, deductions from pay, vacation pay, overtime pay, holidays with pay, leaves, ending employment and other things.
  • For information on specific Nova Scotia Labour Standards Code rules visit: https://novascotia.ca/lae/employmentrights/infoonspecificrules.asp

NOTE: This Guide deals only with Nova Scotia Labour Standards legislation. There are other laws that might apply to employment relationships such as Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)
legislation and Human Rights legislation.

  • ISANS Skills Match provides a FREE online resource for accessing skilled immigrant professionals.
  •  Is a recruitment resource for companies that features pre-screened, internationally educated professionals who have already worked with an employment specialist and are ready to work in Canada.
  • It offers a job posting component where employers can post jobs and view immigrant talent at a time convenient to them.
  • The HR Toolkit is a FREE online resource containing information and tools for small and medium-sized employers in Nova Scotia.
  • The toolkit was designed to provide information and resources to help employers in Nova Scotia achieve their goals and compete in today’s marketplace.
  • The Government of Canada provides information on HR topics such as Keeping Employee Records, Managing and Training Employees and Resources for Employers.
  • Nova Scotia Works centres have hands-on staff who specialize in assisting employers and business owners with their unique needs.
  • Employer Engagement Specialists provides tools, links and resources related to Human Resources.
  • Navigates federal and provincial funding programs to find a match based on your business needs.
  • Provides follow up and support to employers during the job search process.
  • For more information about Nova Scotia Works visit: https://novascotia.ca/works/

• The Employer Advisor Nova Scotia Society (OEA) assists businesses with a broad range of programs and services from Workers’ Compensation, Occupational Health and Safety, Human
Resources management issues to employment matters.
• A range of their services are FREE!

  • The Community Business Development Corporation (CBDC) provides consultant advisory services to small and medium-sized businesses and not-for-profit organizations in Atlantic Canada.
  • Employers can access technical and financial assistance from consultants.
  • Eligible CAS activities include: Diagnostic Assessments, Business Management Development Practices, Access to Capital, Market Readiness/Export Potential, Specific Studies/Business Plan Mentoring, Business Coaching, Business Valuation and Aftercare/Mentoring and Follow-Up