Employment Statistics

Nova Scotia is proud to support a strong and vibrant labour force. Please see the following statistics for the aquaculture, fish harvesting and seafood processing sectors.

Aquaculture Sector

The chart below provides an overview of employment in the seafood sector.

Fish Harvesting Sector

The following graph illustrates the number of personal fishing registrations issued in Nova Scotia. A total of 6,269 licences were issued in 2015, representing various species.

Seafood Processing

In 2015, there were a total of 119 seafood processing facilities in Nova Scotia. The following graph illustrates the number of people employed in those facilities

HR Toolkit for Industry

The Nova Scotia Fisheries Sector Council have been working within processing facilities to improve their HR planning efforts. The following templates are available to employers and can be customized to fit your needs or requirements.

HR Toolkit: List of Templates

  • Job Analysis Form
  • Job Descriptions
  • Interview Guideline
  • Reference Check Guideline
  • Job Application Form
  • Employee Handbook includes a variety of policies and procedures (i.e. Handheld Device Policy, Social Media Guideline and Code of Conduct)
  • Critical Incident Form
  • Exit Interview

If you would like to obtain a copy of any of these templates, please contact Brandy – brandy@nsfsc.ca