Some education and training may be required for some positions in the fishing industry. Below are some relevant courses and certifications applicable to the fishery. Not all training courses are required; however, being trained makes you more appealing to employers and allows versatility for your career.  These programs listed are available in Nova Scotia.

MED DVS (Domestic Vessel Safety)

Fishing Master Class IV

Global Maritime Distress Safety System- GOC (GMDSS-GOC)

Quality Handling of Lobster

Simulator Electronic Navigation Limited (SEN-L)

Small Vessel Operator Proficiency

Diploma of Marine Engineering Technology

Advanced Diploma of Marine Engineering Management Technology

Diploma of Oceans Technology

Diploma of Occupational Health and Safety

Food Handlers Certification

Marine Basic First Aid/Marine Advanced First Aid

Forklift Training

Certificates/Diplomas/Degrees in Business, International/Global Business, Marketing

Certificates/Diplomas/Degrees in Sciences (General and Aquaculture)

Office Administration Certificate

Certificates/Diplomas/Degrees in Human Resource Management

There are many additional courses that may assist you in your career path within the industry;
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