Northern Shrimp Research Foundation (NSRF)

Job Description:

Employed by Pisces Consulting Limited (Pisces), the Quality Control Technician (QC Tech) will work with the NSRF project manager to audit and report on at-sea survey activities, ensuring that all Operating Protocols are followed. Further, the QC Tech may suggest to the project manager during the survey any recommended improvements to Operating Protocols.

Answering to the project manager, the QC tech will work a 12 hour shift split between the two operating shifts during a 40-50 day offshore shrimp survey. Though adhering to a pre-determined audit schedule, the QC Tech will be provided the opportunity to pursue other area(s) of scientific interest (e.g., review of select species captured).

The desired qualifications for this position include:

  • Post-secondary degree in the marine scientific field.
  • Fishing and/or fishery survey experience.
  • Marine Emergency Duties certification.

The required qualifications for this position are:

  • At-sea experience.
  • Ability to manage various activities using own discretion.
  • Demonstrated ability to develop and adopt a systems approach.
  • Ability to work independently.
  • Seafarers Medical (required prior to trip).

Fishing area: Off coastal Labrador north to Baffin Inlet and coastal Nunavut.

Term: Term of employment will be 45-55 days.

Start date: The position will be available as early as July 15, 2024, likely ending first or second week of September.

Remuneration: Salary range will be $300-$350 per day commensurate with experience. Exceptions will be considered depending upon the qualifications of the applicant.

Food and accommodations provided.

All direct expenses reimbursed at cost.

Please apply with resume and references (2+) in confidence by email to:
Attention: Peter Norsworthy


Crewing: There are two (2) crews of science technicians staffed during the survey. There are also ~14 vessel crew members that are responsible for vessel and crew safety, fishing, and net repairs.

Shifts: Each team of science technicians work a 12-hour shift. One from Midnight-Noon, and other from Noon-Midnight.

Activity: In any given 24 hour period there will be 8-12 survey tows made, each of which must be weighed, and sub-samples weighed, measured, sexed, etc.

Vessel: The vessel is the Katsheshuk II, an offshore groundfish vessel operated by Ocean Choice International.

Accommodations: Private accommodations may be available.

Audit Plan (Preliminary): The QC technician shall audit both shifts of science technicians daily. This will be achieved using a varying audit frequency schedule (indicated by X) for each day of the calendar week.

Training: The QC Tech will be trained prior to vessel departure and de-briefed after the survey is completed.

Reporting: The QC Tech will complete the following daily audit form (TBD) electronically and email to

How to Apply: E-mail: Attention: Peter Norsworthy