Deep Cove Seafood

Job Description
Role: Plant Operations, General Labourer
Type: Seasonal, Full-time
Location: Blandford, NS
Wage: $16-18 / hour + benefits
Start: November 2021

Company Profile
Deep Cove Seafood is a family run business and a proud member of Nova Scotia’s seafood
industry. We have a live-lobster processing facility in Blandford, NS from where we have been
working with local lobster harvesters since 1994. We’re a strong community here and are
members of the NS Seafood Alliance, Lobster Council of Canada, and NS Aquaculture
Association. Our business is as reliable exporter of high-quality seafood supplying key markets
in North America and Asia. We have a close-knit team with 25-years experience operating in
Nova Scotia’s seafood industry and a demonstrated track record of success. We provide complete
on-the-job training and offer a friendly and supportive working environment. If you’d like to talk
with us about joining our team, please do. We’d love to hear from you.

Position Summary
Working in our Deep Cove facility in Blandford, NS as a key member of our plant operations team,
we are looking for someone to join our live-lobster operations crew. The position will be focused
on everything lobster: from receiving at the plant, grading, and packing for holding or shipping, to
meeting fishers at the wharf to pickup the day’s fresh catch. The role offers an interesting
opportunity to be a part of, and gain valuable experience in, Nova Scotia’s largest seafood sector.

Primary Accountabilities
Under direction of our Plant Operations Manager, our operations team members work
collaboratively to support live-lobster processing and sales. Our live-lobster exports are the core
of our business and the work that our crew does is vital to its success. As a member of our team,
you will be required to:

• Receive shipments of live lobster at our plant from our trucks fresh back from the wharf.
• Sorting and grading live-lobster – separating the catch by size/weigh and making sure
that what we keep is only the best quality.
• Processing and packing – making sure the lobster we ship are well-packed and healthy
to make it to their destination (we export around the world!).
• Lobster holding – we have a large lobster pound with holding tanks for our high-quality
product and the proper management and care of what we keep on-site is vital.
• Facility and system maintenance – keeping our plant running smooth and looking good!

Qualifications and Experience
• Basic education or related training courses would be beneficial.
• Previous experience with grading and packing live-lobster or in the fisheries and
aquaculture industry would be an asset.
• A valid Nova Scotia Driver’s License would be an asset but not required.

Position Requirements
Legally eligible to work in Canada.
Performing repetitive tasks in refrigerated environment.
Standing for extended periods and the ability to lift up-to 40 lbs.

Please email to apply.
We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.
Look forward to hearing from you!