In 2015, Nova Scotia exported 1.68 billion dollars in seafood.There are a wide range of opportunities in the processing sector. Canada’s Ocean Playground is a provider for a growing global demand for seafood. All of that seafood must be prepared for export, making seafood processing a critical segment of the fishing industry in Nova Scotia.

Seafood Processing requires a workforce skilled in a variety of tasks, as well as knowledge of the equipment required to sort and shape seafood in to products desired by consumers.


Each company is unique in their operations and therefore their positions’ responsibilities as well. These are some examples of the positions available in seafood processing companies across Nova Scotia. Pay rates range from minimum wage to salaried positions and depend on your responsibilities and your relevant education and experience.

Seafood Processor
Handling, preparing, moving, packing seafood. Ensuring quality products; ensuring products meet order specifications.

Ensuring cleanliness of facility; uses provided tools and chemicals to sanitize machines and production area(s).

Loads/unloads product from boats and trucks using equipment like mechanical hoists, forklifts and by hand.

Forklift Operator
Transports product to and from docks/trucks/freezers/production area(s) etc. May be required to track product movement/inventory.

Seafood Filleters/Trimmers/Shuckers
Removes bone and skin from seafood as per product specifications.

Machine Operator
Safe and efficient operation of various machinery; monitors machinery, informs management and technicians of any issues.

Machine Technician
Performs routine maintenance on machinery; provides technical support; resolves machinery issues.

Provides product specifications and regular instruction to employees; monitors facility ensuring safety and efficiency, provides supervision, reinforcement and discipline. Acts as liaison between multiple internal entities.

Office Administrator
Organizes/maintains variety of company documents; answers and directs telephone calls and visitors, handles supply orders, provides regular updates to management.

Sales Representatives/International Sales Representatives
Communicates with current and potential clients, may require additional languages; receives client orders, ensures order accuracy; handles accounts receivable.

Quality Control Personnel
Performs variety of tests, documents test results, addresses any issues/discrepancies; may act as supervisor/provide corrective instruction to subordinates. Provides regular updates to management regarding product quality.

Occupational Health and Safety Personnel
Assists in the development and maintenance of company occupational health and safety policies and procedures. Communicates health and safety standards to employees and may also participate in Joint Occupational Health and Safety meetings.

Human Resources Personnel
Develops variety of human resources tools; assists with labour relations, performance management, recruitment, selection, training and orientation. May also perform payroll and other administrative duties.

Provides oversight of entire operation; common tasks involve sales, administration, supervision and performance management; ensures all laws/regulations are followed, machinery is operating properly, appropriate supplies are provided; provides guidance and instruction to all employees.